Afraid of Heights Ziplining in Åre

I’m VERY scared of heights but still I came up with the fantastic idea of zip-lining with some friends while in Åre with Influencers of Sweden. Apart from being awfully scary it was also tickling in my stomach and the winter view was beautiful.

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1. Trip to Åre with Influencers of Sweden:

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4. Afraid of Heights Ziplining in Åre:

ZipLine Åre:
Influencers of Sweden:

Others seen in this video:
Katrien Philips:
(thank you for filming me)
Sofia Brolin:
Maria Jonasson:
Ulrica Hållén:

-I’m 30 years old
-I´m from northern Sweden
-The cat is named Patrik
-The Dog is named Britt
-I’m not wearing any makeup in this video
Business Enquires:
Remedy – Andrew Waite Thank you Andy you are amazing!!

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