MUKBANG & GIVEAWAY: Swedish Candy (closed)

Today I want to give you an opportunity to taste Swedish candy with me. I have an easy giveaway contest where you can win the same candy as desplayed in the video. Well not exactly the same because I am eating this but new packages of the same X-) Rules are as described further down in this text.

Although I think it is fun making videos without viewers it has become so much more fun lately because of you and I want to repay that somehow. Also it will be fun to know what type of videos you enjoy.

This somehow turns into a candy mukbang and while eating the candy I talk a little bit about childhood-candy-memories, my planned journey to the US this autumn, future interview with a goth band, my new car project etc.

1. Write a comment with a suggestion of a video that you think I should make.

2. If several has suggested the same video the first one will win.

3. I will contact the winner by answering his/her comment

4. The winner will also be announced officially in a video

5. You can live anywhere in the world to participate


-I’m 30 years old

-I´m from northern Sweden

-The cat is named Patrik

-The Dog is named Britt

-In this video I am NOT wearing any makeup

Business Enquires:

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