My alternative style evolution 12-30 years old

In this video I show you the evolution of my alternative style from 12 to 30 years old. (2000 to 2017 in Sweden). I started of with not knowing anything about different alternative styles and then as a teen I tried to be punk. I thought that I had to pick one style and fit in to that mold but eventually I broke free from those thoughts trying to create my unique style without any labels.
I don’t talk much about music in this video and the main reason for that is that it would get too long. I did try to include it in one version but it just got too long. That does not mean that music was not important to me. I’ve basically had pretty much the same taste through theese years listening to mostly rock, post punk, goth, metal and various electronic music. Some band have grown on me and I’ve found new ones and some old I’ve lost intrest in bu mainly it’s been the same.

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