The Extra, Not Ordinary, Goth Tag

These are my answers to Rachel Shades and Lady Lecters new tag called ”The Extra, Not Ordinary, Goth Tag”. I really like the questions that they have made even though they are quite tricky and perhaps I should have read them more properly on beforehand. Anyway I hope more youtubers will be making this tag video because it would be fun to watch!

1. How long have you been identifying as Goth?
2. What was your first encounter with the Goth subculture?
3. How many items of crushed velvet clothing do you own?
4. What is your favorite/least favorite Goth clothing staple?
5. What widely accepted Goth band can you not stand?
6. In the Goth subculture, there is a lot of death imagery. What meaning does this hold for you specifically, if any?
7. What is your favorite piece of Gothic literature, and can you name your three favorite characters from Gothic lit?
8. Who are your three favorite Goth bands/artists?
9. What are your three all-time favorite songs to dance to in the Goth club?
10. What is the funniest encounter you have ever had with someone in response to your Goth appearance?

Rachel Shades video:

My alternative style evolution 12-30 years old:
-I’m 30 years old
-I´m from northern Sweden
-The cat is named Patrik
-The Dog is named Britt
Business Enquires:

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