Vlog: Lot’s of burnouts (and screams) !

Johan wanted to try his new car, a BMW E30 with a 5 cylinder audi sport motor with turbo. Johan made a burnout in 160 km/h and when he is playing around you can even hear me scream on the outside of the car!? It was so much fun though and we also had some friends driving their cars making burnouts as well.

Please excuse a late upload this week (I usually upload on thursdays). Long story short I’ve been invited to too many dinners and I’ve also been working on the blog. I really hope that you will follow me on my blog as well when it is finished.
-I’m 30 years old
-I´m from northern Sweden
-The cat is named Patrik
-The Dog is named Britt
-I’m not wearing any makeup in this video
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